Our award-winning products are made differently from mass market rum brands. While many competitors use molasses in their distillation, every bottle of Krafted Spirits rum is made with natural raw sugarcane sourced exclusively from the Caribbean island of St. Croix.

We then triple distill and column blend our rums in small batches for strict quality control. Finally, they are developed and aged in American charred oak bourbon barrels, resulting in distinctive flavor notes and a superior quality product.


Krafted Spirits started with a dream. A passion. A love for the true spirit of rum and the warm, all-encompassing vibes that come along with it.

The company is privately owned and operated by founder Kendrick Jackson, and specializes in rums made with a unique aging process, natural ingredients and enticing flavor profiles. By working with partners that focus exclusively on small-batch products, Krafted Spirits is able to make premium rums accessible to all. In a market saturated with brands touting a VIP attitude, we offer a refreshingly egalitarian experience that allows everyone to enjoy the finer things.

As one of the few Los Angeles-based rum brands, our company proudly embodies the diversity of the city where it was born. Promoting inclusion and building community are the key pillars of the Krafted Spirits brand.



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